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EPCRA (Emergency Planning and Community-Right-To-Know-Act) is important because it mandates additional regulations over petroleum facilities. However, to qualify, the petroleum company must have at least 10 individuals employed full-time. Since Titans will only be employing 3 full time jobs, EPCRA will not be included in additional regulation. So, there will not be extremely important information given to the community since Titans is employing so few people for full-time positions. CERCLA will still apply. However, EPCRA empowers community's via knowledge.



The EPA oversees two major reporting programs aimed at facilitating immediate response and long-term cleanup of hazardous substances released into the environment. The  Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act   (CERCLA) — also known as Superfund — was enacted in 1980 and authorizes the Federal government to...

 What they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are


Is Titan a Good Corporate Citizen? You Decide.

Community Engagement in Woodbridge (as listed on the Titans Dickson website).


We released a series of articles about environmental degradation in Perth Amboy/Woodbridge NJ. Titans responded by posting a statement about their "community engagement: in Perth Amboy."


First, they've caused severe environmental issues, including TCE contamination of groundwater supply and massive spills in Woodbridge. That type of community engagement is called community destruction. They said, "Due to high winds and rain at the time of the incident, facility personnel were unable to calculate the exact amount of fuel spilled into the waterway." 



They then combated this topic by saying they've funded NJ Greenway Acres Funds and said they hosted the first NJ statewide fire evacuation training.

However, they only had to fund the NJ Greenway Acres Fund because they decided to build a pipeline under a city park and had to contribute financially as compensation. Here's the City of Perth Amboy's statement regarding the matter: "As compensation for the proposed diversion, Buckeye Perth Terminal, LLC will restore and enhance the park, which will reopen after installation of the pipeline, and provide financial compensation to the City of Perth Amboy." Source:


Buckeye was also part of the need for the training, not the efforts for the training. The Perth Amboy Fire Department said "The first of its kind drill in the State of New Jersey was conducted in Perth Amboy in order to better prepare first responders with the dangers of Bakken Crude." (This comes from the attached pdf). In 2014b  and 2015 hundreds of thousands of tax dollars from FEMA went to development of this program to better respond to a corporate caused disaster, not a public created disaster. "Bakken Crude" is oil, meaning that Buckeye participating in the oil industry created the need for this specific training, yet public FEMA tax funds went to the creation of this program.


Download the 2015 Titan Partners Annual Report 

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