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Turnbull Creek


TDOT Commissioner Clay Bright has to approve the SIA grant for Two Mile Road. The application for the City portion (4/10 mile) costs about $1,200 per foot! There is still 2 miles to go in the County portion. That’s another $12.6 million and taxpayers have to pay half! If you don’t want $6 million of YOUR tax dollars to build a road just so “Big Oil Buckeye” can make a profit, let Commissioner Bright know. It is for ONLY 3 JOBS at the fuel terminal! Make Titan/Buckeye pay for their own road!! We’re still fighting all of this, but let’s make sure the taxpayers don’t pay more for an already disastrous project.

Call and email Commissioner Bright and ask him to deny the SIA applications for Two Mile Road in Dickson County. Be courteous but let him know we do not support taxpayer dollars being used just for an oil company to make a profit! Tell him to say NO.

(615) 552-8298

Turnbull Preservation

Group at a Glance

Our Community Group is led by the Turnbull Preservation Group, LLC. This non-profit entity, established in the state of TN to help preserve the sanctity and beauty of our local communities, consists of a six-person Board of Directors and an Advisory Council.

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Updates from our attorney: Waynick Law

Check out the latest updates from our attorney, Rodger Waynick and stay informed.

Dickson Fuel Terminal Stand

From the desk of the TPG President


We are very proud to announce the formation of the Board of Directors for your Turnbull Preservation Group.


Check out the resources you need t learn about our group and the work that we are doing.

Get to Know Us

Learn more about our Group Leadership, Our Goals and Where Our Funds Go.

Stop Dickson Fuel Terminal Protest


Protecting Our
Dickson Communities

A massive fuel terminal -- housing over 17 million gallons of fuel -- has been proposed in the Burns, TN area.  If allowed, the Dickson Fuel Terminal has serious implications for people throughout the Dickson County and surrounding areas.

Give Generously: We Need Your Support! Our Current Goal is $20k

Legal battles against massive organizations are expensive. Our attorney, Waynick Law, is doing everything possible to keep costs to a minimum. It will still take many hours of hard work to create appeals and continue the legal battle to save our community's water and air.

Creating a Safe Space
for Our Children

The next generation of Dickson County, Hickman County, Cheatham County and Williamson County children are counting on YOU to step up and help take a stand against having this fuel terminal in our community. 

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